Marjukka Takala Designer

Piippu is a single flower vase in glass.

Piippu 2016

Kroketti is a pair of porcelain picnic cups that form a sphere together.

Kroketti 2012

Keko is a ceramic jewellery organizer, that also serves as a stand for selected pieces of jewellery.

Keko 2016

I found inspiration in Swedish cookbooks. In them life is always carefree and absolutely beautiful. Inspired by the books, I created a bain-marie. It is a cooking utensil elegant enough to also be used at the table. It was designed with two goals in mind: to make preparing food a more relaxed experience and to have an object to behold. The prototype was created at KAHLA, as a part of Kahla-Kreativ workshop.

Pikku Marie 2015

Valo2014 is an electric alternative for candles and tea-lights. This mood light is suitable for table settings, bedside tables and windowsills. Unlike it’s counterparts that use fire as their light source, Valo2014 is not a fire hazard, and does not emit noxious particles. This electric substitute does not imitate traditional candles, but proudly has it’s own appearance. The mood of the light is easily changed by using differently coloured and shaped glass shades. To save energy, Valo2014 uses leds as it’s light source.


Koti is a ceramic tile shaped as the symbolfor human habitation: a house. Or as the name suggests: a home. This simple idea gives even a city studio a feeling of nostalgic warmth. One can fill an entire wall surface with Koti tiles, or use it as an accent among other tiles.

Koti 2014

Lantern Tree floor lamp is a composition of ready-made rice paper lanterns, cable, lighting components, and custom-made parts.

Lantern Tree 2014

Mittari table clock in porcelain was inspired by speedometers and basic shapes. The brightly coloured pointers of the black hands are emphasized on an all black background of the clock face.

Mittari 2013

A collaboration with Vesa Kattelus and Heidi Puumalainen for UKLY. The artwork Ceramist at Work reflects on current mindsets of ceramic designers. The piece consists of porcelain figurines - statuettes of creative workers lost between craft and networking.

Ceramist at Work 2012

Lantern Branch wall light is a collage of light, electricity and matter.

Lantern Branch 2014

A collaboration with Heidi Puumalainen and Enni Äijälä. UKLY’s lowball set is designed in collaboration with Helsinki’s top cocktail bar A21. It is made to meet the demands of A21’s high class clientele. Sugar bed is the sand in UKLY Sandbox. It lets the bartender and the customer to play a little, and is a soft coaster for the lowball tumbler.

UKLY Sandbox 2011

Lichen coffee table is a collage of lacelike brass fittings and sturdy plywood.

Lichen 2014